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These are high resolution sub-bottom profiling systems which map up to the first ten metres of sediments below the sea-floor.  Pinger systems are typically used for mapping soft sediments, pipeline and cable burial depth studies or other shallow water surveys.  The pinger transducer can be towed at depth behind the vessel on a towfish, or deployed on an "over the side" mount attached to the vessel rail.  We have had excellent results from these units  with a special configuration for very shallow water.



This profiling system typically shows seismic penetrations of several metres (dependant on the local geology). It is compact and suitable for small vessel operations.  It can be operated from a quality 2 kVA AC generator. The recieve hydrophone array is a 1 metre, 8 element array with an integral preamp.  Further signal conditioning is achieved with Khrone - Hite bandpass filters / amplifiers.  Finally, Data acquisition and recording can be acheived with a variety of software sets:  DR GEO, SONAR WIZ, CODA or HYPAK.
This example shows a buried pipeline diffraction pattern NSW
San Francisco Bay Archaeology Survey
Honolulu Harbour Buried Cable Survey