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Sub-bottom profiling is a primary activity that includes systems such as boomers, sparkers, pingers and other higher resolution sub-bottom systems which penetrate into the sea floor from less than a metre to more than 40 metres. Resolutions with these systems range from centimetres to a metre. Owning our own systems gives us an availability advantage, as well as ensuring proper maintenance.

Side-scan sonar is an effective tool for mapping features of the seafloor and one of our favourite instruments, for the images (mosaics) produced by our system are truly impressive. The technology in side-scan sonars has improved by a quantum leap since some of us started surveying in the 80’s, especially since the introduction of digital side-scan tow-fish and Ethernet based system communications.

Magnetic survey systems can be crucial for UXO, marine archaeology, pipeline and cable search surveys. Many times debris from construction or other activities can be buried below the seafloor, making detection very difficult with sub-bottom or side-scan systems. A top of the line magnetometer survey system such as our Geometrics 882 is an excellent tool for locating anything ferrous on or below the seafloor.

Our specialised work in the dredge mining industry is always technically challenging. High underwater noise levels, turbulence, bubbles and high percent solids content has led us to several innovative sonar solutions. These include systems for mapping dredge pond and tailings pond floors, and profiling the percent solids in these ponds using underwater acoustics.

Surface waves, Raleigh waves and Scholte waves yield important material and geotechnical properties information in the marine environment. We have used our Teleseis system for collecting data which yields important parameters such as Bearing Capacity, Compressive and Shear Strength of marine sediments and layers.

Recently, our work with Astute Surveys P/L has provided industry with benchmark surveys of depths of buried piles, small diameter power cables and pipelines. For this application, we use the latest technology in high resolution sub-bottom profiling equipment combined with compact RTK GPS applications. Multi-beam bathymetry surveys are usually required for this precise type of survey exercise.



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