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Geosonics Australia provide marine geophysical and geotechnical surveys worldwide using a variety of methods and equipment.
Our surveys are always carried out by highly qualified geophysicists not technicians. This allows problems to be solved on-site, by customising data acquisition to the highest levels of technical excellence. Following a comprehensive programme of data processing and interpretation by our team of experts; survey results are presented in easy to understand GIS formats.

We also rely heavily on our high quality equipment pool, which includes a variety of sub-bottom profilers, side-scan sonar, magnetometer and the latest in positioning and data processing / interpretation software.
We have provided senior geologists for several renowned projects including the FOURWINDS Dogger Bank Offshore Wind farm Project in the English Channel, and have been responsible for setting up an advanced debris survey program using the latest in magnetic survey techniques for Dubai Petroleum/Boskalis in the Arabian Sea.

In Australia, we have performed survey and consulting work in all states and across the Oil and Gas, Environmental, Alternate Energy, Ports and Harbour Development and Mining sectors.
Our success is based on using experienced geologists and geophysicists in the field, and senior level professionals for data processing and interpretation.

Some of our clients include:
  • BHP
  • Neptune Geomatics
  • Roads and Maritime Services NSW
  • The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
Our Team

Geosonics Australia is a firm of independent geophysical consultants based on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Our senior staff members have more than 30 years world-wide experience in geophysical surveying, data processing and interpretation.

What We Do
  • Supply geophysical systems on a hire/sale basis
  • Act as survey consultants for marine survey projects
  • Provide sonar solutions for dredging environments
  • Provide Surface Wave solutions for geotechnical properties of marine sediments
  • Perform Depth of Burial surveys for bridge works, pipelines and cables

Some Of Our Clients

Neptune Geomatics
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Roads and Maritime Services NSW

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